Running Glow was born out of my lifelong passion for fitness and running.  I have enjoyed running for over 27+ years, starting in high school, and continue now, many years later.  I’m a 25 year cancer survivor, and that, provides an even bigger appreciation for good health.

Since turning 47 ten years ago, I have run 12,000+ miles, 16 marathons, 28 half marathons, completed a 48.6 mile race challenge, plus other race distances.  I am very involved with Team in Training, participating in 11 events to date.  I’m currently a “TNT” Coach for the 2022 runDisney Marathon Weekend.  I enjoy the friendship, community, and “bigger purpose” of Team in Training: blood cancer treatments and cures through fundraising efforts.  I am also a huge lover of runDisney events, having participated in eight Disney Marathon Weekends.

I am a strong believer that it is never too late to pursue your dreams and goals.  I returned to school to change careers in my early 50’s, and now work as a Physical Therapist Assistant at the largest hospital in Georgia.  Working part-time (another life choice) allows me the ability to pursue my running passion more fully: to run, to coach runners, and to blog about running!

I am a certified RRCA (Road Runners Club of America) running coach.  My passion, certification, extensive running experience, work in physical therapy, and charity endurance event involvement provides a framework for your support and success.  I know you have a busy life, and can’t dedicate tons of free time to the research of running and what works for you.  That’s where I come in.  I research, read, talk with other coaches/experts to provide the right plan for you; you focus on enjoying your training, runs and going after your goals.

I love to share my passion/knowledge for running, and be a positive guide for anyone who wants to be a runner, no matter the experience level.  Interested in hiring me as your running coach? Just click on the link below, and let’s get started!

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Through my own active living experience and lifestyle, I empower, motivate |spark| and help transform YOU through guidance, example and a personal approach. I guide and support you to discover your own health and running journey |shine|.
I want you to thrive and realize one dream at a time, through social interaction, physical benefits, and with a sense of purpose and achievement |glow|.

ADJUST along the way.

While a training plan is put in place, there WILL be changes along the way.  The goal is not to blindly follow a training plan at all costs, regardless of what your body or personal schedule is telling you.  We must listen to our bodies, how we respond to workouts, pay attention to pain/injury, and adjust accordingly.  

Train SMART.

Every runner is unique, with different strengths, weaknesses, needs, and goals.  You have personal/life commitments outside of running.  As such, it’s important for you to train smart, have a specific purpose for each workout, and use techniques which are based on proven methods within the “science” of running.  Your training plan reflects where you are NOW as a runner, and your future goals. 

Much is POSSIBLE in you.
Your improvement in running is about YOU, not how you compare to other runners.  My focus with you is improvement from where you are starting now, and your progress against that.  It is your journey, milestones, and successes.  

Break a SMILE while
breaking a sweat. 

Running can be hard work.  Demanding, but so rewarding.  With all the work, and occasional setbacks, it is important to have fun.  A training plan with little variety is often boring, and can lead to injury, and a lack of progress.  I will vary your workouts and provide different stimulus to prevent injury, boredom/burn-out.  I will provide a reasonable approach to achieve your goals while having some fun/joy within your training.

LONG TERM health is key. 

Running is a high impact sport, and injuries can hamper your progress more than any other variable.  The training plan I set for you provides a balance of work and recovery, and adapts as you progress.  Recovery runs, appropriate/sustainable mileage, and strength/core work are in the mix to help prevent injury throughout the training cycle, and get you across that finish line.

DISCIPLINE trumps motivation.  Motivation may get you started, but it’s discipline and consistency that will pay dividends and help you reach your goals.  What may seem insurmountable is achievable by chipping away with persistence, discipline and consistency. If this is an area where you are challenged, a coach can help keep you accountable.

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