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> Unsure how to become a runner, or a better runner.

> Ready to END the yo-yo cycle with your running routine (start/stop).

> Frustrated you can’t get faster or run further?

> Anxious/excited to lose weight.

> Fearful of the difficulty/discomfort with running.

> Want to avoid injury, or get over your current injury.

> Unsure how to fit a running program into your hectic, busy life?

> More confidence and knowledge as a runner

> Sustainable schedule & increased accountability for lifestyle decisions

> Skills/tools to reduce/cope with stress

> Faster pace & able to run longer/further with a variety of running workouts

> Leaner, lighter, improved self-image

> Techniques to build fitness gradually, more manageably, and without injury

> Knowledge to minimize injury risk & heal quicker

> Manageable runs/workout on your own schedule 

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Coach's Mission for You

Motivate and guide you as a runner to achieve your goals with individualized, focused support, and positive reinforcementMy job is to leverage your strengths, minimize your weaknesses to maximize your potential while keeping the joy in running, and preventing injuryUltimately, my hope is that your running is in your fabric’s life for many years to come.


Initial Zoom consultation to review your goals, concerns, program, etc.

Customized training plan to fit your current
fitness level/goals/schedule & race plans.  

Training Peaks online training app with your customized training plan.   Syncs w/ majority tracking devices and apps.

Monthly check-in call, and injury

Runner specific strength training workouts to improve performance & prevent injury.

Unlimited 1:1 communication with
coach Denise via Voxer!

Plans include varied workouts (long runs, intervals, speed work) with specified distance & pace and clear instructions.

Plans customized for
Run-Walk athletes!

You don’t have to go it alone. 
Break out of that on/off run habit. 
Put frustration behind you, and
new goals, happy miles, and a happier life
 in front of you!

I’m an RRCA Certified Coach

road runners club of america certified coach